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  • John McCubbin


    I know this doesnt really have anything to do with this them and its not a big thing if no one answer.

    Im looking for a contact form but it needs to be so that none of the person sending the message info goes about the web as we have a confidentiality policy I know that there is some that have it made for you and it goes through there server but I’m wanting to make sure none of the info can get read by them.

    Thanks for any advice in advance



    Emailing is like sending a letter in ordinary post card. It has to go all the way to reach the recipient. If they wish, any webmail admin can access someone’s mails. Okay, lets assume that you have a dedicated server or VPS so that no one can read the mail going through your server. But what about the recipient? His email provider can certainly read it. These things just work on belief.

    If you want that level of secure connection from your end, buy SSLs, if possible, get a dedicated or VPS.

    John McCubbin


    Thanks for the advice will look over these pointers

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