Confusing selector at bottom of maximum blogs screen

  • drkarr


    How can I make my blog screen selector look like this?

    « Previous 1 … 3 4 5 6 Next »

    Right now it looks like this:

    Page 1 of 212»

    This is confusing and initially appears to be something other than it is. It appears to be 1 of 212 blog screens. It really means, “there are two screens of blogs, you are on screen 1, and you can click either of the 2’s to turn to screen 2.”



    Make sure that Use pagenavi.css? is selected in PageNavi Settings –> Page Navigation Options



    Okay, try these Page Navigation settings

    Text For Number Of Pages –> Page %CURRENT_PAGE% of %TOTAL_PAGES%

    Text For Current Page –> %PAGE_NUMBER%

    Text For Page –> %PAGE_NUMBER%

    Text For First Page –> « First

    Text For Last Page –> Last »

    Text For Previous Page –> « Previous

    Text For Next Page –> Next »

    Text For Previous … –> ...

    Text For Next … –> ...

    Use pagenavi-css.css –> Selected

    Page Navigation Style –> Normal

    Number Of Pages To Show –> (More than 2) Like 5

    Number Of Larger Page Numbers To Show –> 3 or 4 or 5

    Show Larger Page Numbers In Multiples Of –> 5 or 10


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s that first selector that you’ve messed up. You don’t need to enter numbers there. Make sure it reads as Prasanna noted.



    Thank you Prasanna. That did the trick.

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