Confused about how to access desktop options

  • neilhughes


    I’ve installed the Mobile Neo theme.

    I have a few problems, all related.

    Firstly, I no longer have access to the “Graphene Options” where I previously configured the desktop theme. How do I now make changes to the Graphene settings for the desktop theme?

    Secondly, none of the options have carried over from Graphene to Graphene Mobile Neo… I just have the “out-of-the-box” options, which don’t cover what I want. Since the options for Graphene and Mobile Neo are very similar, is there a way to copy my old settings from Graphene to the mobile theme? I can’t even SEE my old options so I can’t do this manually very easily either.

    Thirdly, I noticed that the automated installation (following the prompts on the dashboard as per the Installation Instructions) seem to have set Mobile Neo as the active theme. I did NOT do this manually, so I assume this happens as part of the mobile switching plugin process. This makes me nervous, however, as I would like to be able to edit my desktop options.

    I would have hoped that I would now have two pages on the dashboard: one to edit the desktop options, one to edit the mobile options. Is this not possible?

    I hope this makes sense and you can help me with my confusion. Thank you 🙂

    EDIT: I have found that disabling the Any Mobile Theme Switcher Pro plugin gives me access to BOTH Graphene and Graphene Mobile Neo options in the Appearance menu. This is good, and necessary, but obviously the mobile serving now doesn’t work… I am leaving the plugin disabled as it makes me nervous that the plugin sets Neo as my active theme.

    Please advise how to enable the plugin without it removing my Graphene Options. Thank you 🙂

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