Configuring Home Page into Grid/Box Layout for Posts

  • tsudakazuki


    Hey All!

    So I was wondering if you guys have had any luck configuring the theme to allow a grid/box layout for the posts on the default homepage. I was messing around a bit with the code and added to the following to the ‘Custom CSS’ tab in Graphene Options..

    .two-columns #content-main {

    -moz-column-count: 2;

    -moz-column-gap: 10px;

    -moz-column-rule: none;

    -webkit-column-count: 2;

    -webkit-column-gap: 10px;

    -webkit-column-rule: none;

    column-count: 2;

    column-gap: 10px;

    column-rule: none;


    This actually did some of what I had wanted, splitting the post content on the front page into 2 columns, but the second column starts directly on top of the slider. I definitely want to keep the slider on the homepage and removing it is not an option.

    1. Does anyone know of a better way to do this?

    2. Does anyone know what would be needed to make the second column start under the slider (directly aligned with where column 1 starts?)

    Also, if anyone has any other suggestions I would greatly appreciated it!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Please include a URL to your site. This is something that I am interested in because I have been wanting to create a magazine style child theme for some time.




    Thanks for the reply Ken! The site that I would like to use it on is not yet live and has a Under Construction page currently. I have been just messing with the original theme code I downloaded for Graphene on a test/dev site I have.

    Thanks in advance


    Syahir Hakim


    This is more “do you guys know how to do it” rather than “have you guys had any luck”. It is definitely possible, and have been done before. It just takes quite a substantial code (PHP + HTML + CSS) writing.

    See this site for example:

    It’s not the homepage, but it can also be implemented in the home page if that’s what the site owner wants.



    Hello, That looks really good. I would also like that kind of feature. Syahir, do you have that kind of code available?

    Im running a webshop with your theme, and with cart 66 plugin. When I write a new post I just insert a code that makes it a “product” and I have arranged it so I put all post that is a product in a specific category (named products), and I´ve made a “page” that displays this category. This page, that displays my products, I would like to have this in a “grid view” like you showed in:

    Is this hard to set up?

    I´ve searched for plugins that make this work, but cant find anything, im pretty new to this stuff.


    Syahir Hakim


    Sorry mr.dave, that was a paid customisation work, so I can’t freely give out the code without express permission from the client. Though technically the codes themselves are under the same GPLv2 licence, it still wouldn’t give a good impression of me to the client.

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