Comments Problems – multiple issues

  • dennisgiven


    Problem 1: My posts aren’t showing comments beneath them. Discussion settings are enabled to allow comments.

    Problem 2: The comment form only shows the comment box and the name, email, website fields are missing

    Problem 3: Comments form appears on pages with the allow comments field unselected.

    Under Graphene Options > comment options I have “use WordPress settings” selected

    My blog is:

    Please advise.



    Also, not sure if this is related, but the bar graph for my site statistics hasn’t been displaying.



    Temporarily disable all plugins, especially Spam Free WordPress plugin to see if it is causing the issue. My bet is on Spam Free WordPress plugin



    After disabling all of the plugins it worked fine. I reactivated them on by one and the problem recurred after activating the Google Analytics plugin. I deleted other plugins that I wasn’t using and was able to reactivate the Analytics plugin without any problems. I suspect that it was a conflict between that and another plugin. I was able to reactivate all of my plugins, except for Spam Free WordPress, and the problem has resolved. Thank you!!

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