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  • TobiF


    I want to thank all that have contributed to this thread and helped out. It does finally work. The error was entirely mine.

    Thanks for sharing the root cause. That’s how we can learn from each other!



    @ Syahir

    You would have to attach it to the graphene_loop_footer hook which is inside the posts loop, and not the graphene_bottom_content hook which is outside of the posts loop. This is because the comments template need to be run for each post, which requires it to be inside the posts loop. Otherwise it’ll just run once, taking the comment data from the last post being displayed.

    Thanks for the explanation. While I’ve been working on my php function know-how, it seems there are still some WordPress standards I need to learn about as well. Just know my intentions are not to go around posting bogus codes 🙂

    @ PizzaDave

    Thank YOU! Just as TobiF said, it helps us to all learn from each other.

    @ TobiF

    Thanks for your contributions as well. I’ve seen you around the forum, and I appreciate your knowledge also.

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