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    Me again,

    Per instructions after searching the help forum, I have turned off comments on all my pages except the blog page. I want comments there, but it’s not showing up. I have ‘Discussions’ checked in ‘Screen Options’. And in ‘Discussion’ I have both boxes checked for ‘Allow comments.’ & ‘Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.’

    So why is the option to leave comments box on that page not showing up? What am I doing wrong?

    Btw, even though I’m having some problems I think your theme is wonderful. It’s not you, it’s me being totally and completely new to all of this.


    PS: I would also like to have a separate page just for comments. How do I do that?



    I updated, thank you for the update! But I am still having the comments problem, plus a new one. Now the post from the blog page is showing up at the bottom of my static home page. I have all the correct stuff clicked (see above) to turn it off. I went back in and re-did it just to make sure. Plus, if you click on Blog in the menu, that page does not have a comments box showing (even though I have it checked to do so). However, if you click on the post titled ‘Hi Folks’ in the box to the left it takes you to a page with comments box at the bottom. I don’t understand what’s going on? Please help.


    Syahir Hakim


    When you use a Static Front Page, the page that you designate as the Posts page (for your case it’s the “Blog” page) will not have its contents displayed, and by extension, there will be no comments box as well.

    This is because that page is used only as a placeholder to list all the blog posts you’ve published, and those posts will have the comments section displayed when you view them.

    The small post that you see on the bottom left of your front page is a new feature called the “Homepage Panes”. Check the theme’s options to configure it.



    Thank you very much. Is it possible to make a page specifically for comments? A comments page and the comments section show up on it?


    Syahir Hakim


    Aaa….the commenting feature in WordPress can work for every single post and page. If you want to create just a page for comments, sure you can…but it means that you’ll have to disable comments in all the other pages..

    Not sure why you want a specific page for comments though…

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