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  • toastedone


    Hi, I can not seem to leave a comment on some posts, this is an example post

    The comment box is there but when i try and leave a comment it takes me to a 404 page?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Whatever polling software you are using may be interfering with your commenting function. When I visited that page, I was told I had already participated in that poll. (It’s not setting cookies correctly, most likely.)

    If that’s not it, try disabling all of your plugins to see if one of them is causing a conflict:



    Thanks, I think you are right, as it only seems to be happening on pages that I have a poll on. Can you recommend a good polling add on?


    Can you recommend a good polling add on?

    Did you try this?




    Thanks, I have installed that plugin, and from my end it seems to work, could someone see if they can vote and leave a comment? Many thanks



    I left you a comment. It worked for me!



    Thants great thanks, and you was able to vote?



    Yep. Voting worked great!



    Excellent Thanks for the help



    Marking thread as resolved. You can do this yourself as well.

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