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    Hi There,

    I used to get a lot of comments on my site, but now they have all disappeared. I get an email saying a new comment has been posted (usually from whois and it is blank) however, when I go into wordpress, there are no comnments. Even the comments that were previously published on the website have no disappeared. the website is

    Thanks for any advice


    Kenneth John Odle


    Is it the same problem as:

    Are you using the re-Captcha plugin, and if so, does disabling it restore comments?



    No, unfortunately not. I do not have that plugin, and the comments don’t even appear on the dashboard. Even if I click through the link from the email.

    I have tried writing a comment myself, I get an email saying I have a comment but again, there is nothing in the dashboard and even the email itself is blank.

    I have tried deactivating all the plugins, but that does not work either.



    i have some problem like this only..

    i can able to give comments in admin panel but from front end i cannot able to give reply to a particular comment

    it displaying like separate comment



    Here is an example of the text that appears as an email:-

    A new comment on the post “Sherwood Youth League” is waiting for your approval

    Author : (IP: , )

    E-mail :

    URL :

    Whois :


    Currently 0 comments are waiting for approval. Please visit the moderation panel:

    Please help

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