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    I am using the Crayon plugin for syntax highlighting. I would like people to be able to comment on posts with code of their own (it’s a student forum). The problem is that the tabs above the comment window are only showing half-high, but what’s worse, clicking on the Crayon button brings up the editor, but the code typed in the window doesn’t get entered into the comment box. On the live site, I’ve had to disable the editor buttons, and instruct the students to use the correct pre tags and that works correctly. The Crayon plugin also works flawlessly in the post and page editors, just not the comment box.

    The test site is

    I’ve switched to various other themes, and the problem goes away – not sure If something got hosed in my Graphene files, would appreciate any suggestions. Other than this, I LOVE the theme!!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try adding this to custom CSS:

    .ed_button {
    min-height: 32px;



    Thanks, that fixes the display of the buttons. But the crayon editor still isn’t feeding into the comment box, which is the main problem.


    Syahir Hakim


    How do you get those editor buttons on the comment form?



    From the admin panel – Setttings > Crayon > Display the Tag Editor in any TinyMCE instances on the frontend (e.g. bbPress) (checked). I’m not sure now that it isn’t the plugin, because I’ve found another theme that It’s not playing nice with (Montezuma).

    It seems to be working okay in the bbPress forum, just not in general comments. If I could get this working in the comment blocks, I’d be ecstatic, because otherwise, I will just turn off the buttons on both the forum and comments, forcing the students to manually enter tags. I checked the support forum for Crayon, and I don’t see this raised as an issue, but that is going to be my next step. Thanks for all your assistance with this.


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, I’ve dug deeper into the issue and it appears to be caused by the order of filtering applied by Graphene and the plugin on the comment textarea field. I’ve fixed the issue now and will be available in the next update.



    Awesome!!! Wow, you are fast, and I LOVE this theme! This will be great for my classmates to exchange code ideas easily. Thanks again!

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