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    I finally feel that I can help here.

    I wanted to have columns on my main page, rather than a layout built in to Graphene for 2 column or 3 columns.

    I tried the plugin called: “Column Shortcodes and it works great but didn’t have much to offer in the looks department.

    If you look here you can better understand:

    To get this look, put this in the Graphene CSS found at the bottom of the Graphene Options – Display Tab:

    .home .type-page {

    display: none;


    Then choose the choose how many columns you want, by selecting how many columns you want in your footer.

    I chose 3

    Then you just create your information within the footer.

    I cannot write code, so I have a private page where I layout what I want, and then I choose to view in text and copy the code.

    I then past the code into the footer widget where I want it.

    I really like the way it looks…

    I can use advance options — action hooks — sidebar-footer.php to add the information I would have used on the footer. I just have not done it yet.

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