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  • thompsonandco


    Hi all

    New WP and Graphene user. I am trying to use different column options with different pages – is this possible? i.e my front page is two columns with sidebar right but my other pages might be one column.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, you can select which column option you want from the page options. If that isn’t available, you’ll need to activate it in screen options at the top of the page.



    Sorry, I cannot see what you mean. I have the Graphene Page Specific Options but this does not include an option for columns.

    I’ve tried changing the template in Page Attributes but this has not worked either.

    Edit: Actually, the Page Attributes option is working just not for the page I was originally testing it on which happens to be my ‘posts’ page. On my other pages this has worked.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You should still be able to change templates, even after setting up a static home page. Does it give you the option to select a different page template (which then doesn’t take), or does it not even give you the option.

    If you are talking about then there is nothing in the sidebar <div>. Try disabling your plugins temporarily to see if the issue resolves itself. (Btw, that All in One SEO plugin has a reputation for being buggy/quirky.)

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