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    I have tried on many occasions to change the colours for the links, wigits, slider and block buttons but they have never changed colour. The colours I selected are showing under colour options but it doesn’t change on the website. How can I resolve this issue?



    Did you hit the Save Options button at the bottom of the Graphene Options page after changing the colours?



    Yes, of course, lots of times. I have updated the theme but it still isn’t working, nor are the widgets. I can’t drag any of them.



    In the options under display it shows the colours that I have chosen but the colours don’t change. Since updating the theme, I have lost the colour for the content part of the page and that won’t change now either – same problem.



    Which browser do you use?






    Just wondering if you have any ideas on how I can sort out the colours on my website.



    Temporarily disable all plugins and try again. If it doesn’t work, reinstall WordPress. If problem persists, talk to your host.



    OK, will do. Thanks.



    Disabling the plug-ins appears to have worked. Thanks!!!

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