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    As there are only a limited set of colour options i started checking out modding the black buttons and header, footer etc but you have used graphics (in a nice and clever way im sure) and im not sure how i would best chenge them to my own colours and styles.

    Could you help point me in the right direction of the techniqu used to create the sprites and the single pixel images used for the buttons etc.. Ive tried in photoshop but with not being party to how you set them up know il just trash them if i try changing.

    :o/ I believe from what i know that you are loading the sprite image and positioning for the various images – i understand that but its mainly how i could do different coloured buttons etc….

    Thanks for any help!



    Posted to add i think its more the background used on the main container that im having throuble with.


    Syahir Hakim


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