Colour (only one cell) in a drop down menu from top nav bar?

  • garyc



    Been looking on the forum, and read a lot about main colour changes and options, but

    still can’t figure how to change the cell colour for only one drop-down page.

    I’ll soon be adding some new pages to a site, and they will all be showing up in one

    drop down list, however, I’d like one of them to jump out, perhaps colour it red and

    change the text colour to white. Presumably I need to load some page-specific

    css into Editor? Could someone maybe point me to a link, or help please?





    Do something like this, (this goes in Custom CSS or in child-theme style.css)

    #menu-item-ID, #menu-item-ID.current-menu-item {
    background: #FF0000 !important;
    color: #FFFFFF !important;

    where ID is the ID of that drop down menu item. I’ve done similar thing in my site. Hover on each menu item and you can see different menu colours.



    Brilliant, will try that out, Prasanna. Thanks very much


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