ColorZilla gradient editor background code placement ?

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    Syahir Hakim


    Are you referring to the background of your site? It appears light when I view it.



    yes I am. the background appears dark in reference to the gradient colors I picked on colorzilla. it looks like black is mixed into it when it is not on colorzilla. For example I picked “A1C436” for green for the bottom of the gradient but on my website it looks dark green. I just changed the background again because I am trying to make a perfect one, I will try tomorrow again, do you like the one I have now or should I make another ?


    Syahir Hakim


    Oh, that’s the theme’s gradient overlay. Add this to Custom CSS / child theme’s stylesheet to remove it:

    .bg-gradient {
    background: none;



    ok perfect, thankyou!



    for some reason , when I open a spoiler on my FAQ page or another page with the spoiler, my Gradient background becomes messed up with the spoiler opening and closing as you scroll up and down? can this be fixed with a code ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    This is expected behavior. When you set a background gradient like this, it applies to the entire background. If it’s a short page, you can see the entire background. If it’s a long page, the gradient will be stretched over the length of the page and you will only see the rest of it as you scroll. When you open a spoiler on your FAQ page, you are changing the length of the page, and thus, changing the length of the gradient.

    The only real way around this is to create a gradient image for your background (1 pixel wide), and set that as your background image, repeated across. Then set the background color the same as the bottom pixel of your background image. Of course, you lose the gradient at the bottom when you do this.



    3 questions

    1.) Do you like my gradient background?

    2.) if I leave my background the way it is, and this happens sometimes to people who open and close spoilers, do you think that makes the website not look professional ?

    3.) I noticed 3 things one when I open my website up… First—on my schools computer the colors on the gradient look incredibly mixed and not how I made them , it looks purplish and mixed.

    Second—- when I open up my site on my laptops internet explorer the colors look exactly like I want them to but… Third—- when I open the site on my Laptop but just using Google chrome instead of internet explorer it looks different then my internet explorer even though its the same computer?

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