Colors reverting back after returning to WordPress options

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    So, I’m very new when it comes to building websites and whatnot. I’m currently just testing around with WordPress on a localhost and I like the Graphene theme so far.

    In the live preview menu. When I go to Graphene: Colors and try to change the color of the top bar and primary menu, they change to the color I desire. But if I return to the regular wordpress admin page and go back to the live preview or website, the color has reverted back to the original. If I go to the top bar and primary menu color settings, it still has the color that I wanted, but on the preview it’s the original color still.

    What’s causing this? I’m using Firefox and basically haven’t changed anything else. Also tried reseting the settings.

    Thanks in advance.


    Syahir Hakim


    Make sure you click “Publish” in the Customizer before you navigate away to other pages. Otherwise, the changes will not be saved.



    There we go, thank you.

    For some reason it was set to “Save as draft”.

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