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  • jonas klein


    Hello all I want to customize the color of the area widgetizado and also that part of the black bottom, I actually want to do this through the menu options of the theme color options, good analyzing the structure of the code with that I’ve even managed to do this with success, the more the problem is that there’s something in the code that I did that is not closing because I determine the color panel options’re not appearing in the footer.

    Good analyzing this problem because I realized that the theme-folder head.php where are the lines of code that make the connection between the chosen color in the options and the blog, this according to what I understood and clear, looking at those lines of code I noticed for that area of ​​the subject that I can change the color through the options, has a pre-defined style

    in order to make the color change, and where the Footer widgetizada especially in the area I saw that has a style to make the color change, I’ve tried to create a style to make these changes more so far has only given error.

    Now I know that maybe the way I’m trying to make these changes is not more correct, more is to solve this problem I using this forum.

    Since I already appreciate all tips and suggestions that come to receive, and my lengths to

    Syahir Hakim to create this beautiful forum.

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