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    Thank you for this theme which is probably the one that offers the greatest potential with WP!

    I did a search on the forum without finding an answer that works, sorry if there’s one that I have not seen…

    So, I’m changing the menu of my site and I was able to change the background of my menu by putting this in my custom CSS

    # header {-menu
    background: #074d7c;

    But I fail to do the same for the sub menus which remain black.

    Can you help me?

    thank you


    Kenneth John Odle


    Correct code is

    #header-menu {etc.}

    I think that was a typo on your part, no?

    I recently did a major redesign of my bookblog, including the menus. Take a look at it here:

    Now, take a look at the child theme stylesheet here:

    You can see the kinds of changes I made and even copy and paste if you would like.

    Hint: try using Firebug to isolate those elements you want to change. It really does work wonders, although it’s a bit difficult with drop down menus sometimes. That’s why I gave you a link to my stylesheet.

    Also, moved to support. Also, code between backticks, please. (I fixed these for you.) Try something out and let us know where you get stuck.





    Thank you very much for your CSS.

    I learned a lot about the design and layout!

    So I managed to customize the background of my menus and sub ​​menus.

    But I can not put another back to my menus and sub menus hover the mouse …

    Can you help me again?

    thank you very much



    ok, I found how to change the background of my menu and also how to change background on mouseover.

    But I can’t for the sub menu.

    I change the background like this:

    / * Background submenu * /

    # header-menu ul li {

    background: url (‘http://mywebsite/imagebackground.jpg’);


    How to change this image on mouseover?

    Sorry for all these questions, but I started, and I am progressing slowly …

    EDIT : ok, I’ve done what I wanted, thank you for your help.

    Just one last question.

    What should be the size of background images to each item on my menu?

    Is it possible to set the size of each element in the CSS to be able to give it a background?


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