code visible at bottom of every page wrapped around duplicate content and images

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    The site is It has been a stable published site for about two years.

    WP 3.7.1 Plugins and Themes are all current

    These are the plugins I am using:

    All In One SEO Pack

    BrokenLink Checker

    BulletProof Security

    Web Ninja Google Analytics

    WordPress Database Backup

    WP Migrate DB

    I noticed for the first time today that code is being generated and is visible at the bottom of every page. It looks like it has something to do with Hooks, but I don’t have any that are active. I would appreciate any help you can provide. I have spent the last three hours trying to figure out where it is coming from, and I am not making any progress.

    Thank you.



    Looks like this is caused by the Web Ninja Google Analytics plugin.

    Try deactivating that plugin.

    Looking at the feedback in support for that plugin I personally wouldn’t use that plugin.

    I use my Google Analytics tracking code in the Graphene options, which does pretty much what that plugin does.

    The only advantage I see from that plugin is stats on your WordPress dashboard.

    I simply login to to check my stats.

    Or use the Android app on my smartphone 🙂




    Thank you VERY much. I deleted the WebNinja plugin and all weird code is gone. So, how did you figure that out? I really appreciate your help.


    Kenneth John Odle


    A lot of issues like this can be diagnosed by using the Firebug plugin for Firefox, or just by using a browser’s “View Source” function.

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