Clicking on any slider image to open just one given page or URL

  • Sylaxo


    The slider uses images in the library which are set in pages with no text. I want a click on any image to open a WP page or a URL to another site.

    Following a hint found on this forum I put a link on each of the images in their individual pages. The problem is the click first opens the image page and it requires another click on the small image to open the desired document.

    Besides I would like to know if it is possible to replace the slider title with a short text (the same for all images or different texts).



    Kenneth John Odle


    Graphene has an option to link to pages or posts—you just need to use the WordPress ID for the pages or posts in question. The slider will then display the featured image for each page/post.



    Thank you for your advice and sorry for being a bit late in replying.

    As a matter of fact I would essentially like to open an external URL by clicking on an image. It seems to me that it is not possible with Graphene and I may have to change the slider.


    Kenneth John Odle

    I may have to change the slider

    The slider in Graphene is really designed to link to pages and/or posts. I believe you are right and that you may have to choose a different slider plugin, of which there are many. (I’m not aware of any that will allow you to link like that, but again, there are lots. One or probably more has an option to create this link.)

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