Clarification of differences between Child Theme and Custom CSS

  • mandy122901


    I have the graphene theme and really like it and was just wondering if someone could clarify for me the difference between creating a Child Theme and using the Custom CSS option? Or is there NO difference and I will accomplish my goal of making color changes to the theme that will not get overridden with any upgrades?



    Child Theme is the wise thing to do!

    I told You in this mail 🙂

    And when You also ask here:

    Then please notice:


    One is enough.

    Custom CSS is for a few changes or test before You aprove and

    move the code to the Child Theme.



    Syahir Hakim


    Any codes entered in the Custom CSS option will be included in every single page on every page load, and they are never cached by the browser. Using a child theme, your CSS codes are in a style.css file, which the browser cache (i.e. load from the server only once, then it gets stored on the user’s computer and the browser just reads it from there, no need to load it from the server again).

    The Custom CSS option is meant for quick and simple CSS modifications that spans only a few lines of codes. Any more than that, use Child Theme.



    deleted. figured it out.

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