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    I have just created a child theme. However when I activate it the custom css changes made in “Graphene Options” are still there, but the header image reverts to the defaults (as opposed to my selection of random images I have uploaded).

    In fact all the options set in Appearance >> Header and Appearance >> Header revert to the default values.

    When I have reset these values as I would like for the child theme they behave. However ANOTHER problem then presents itself…. When previewing the child theme everything looks fine. Yet when I activate the child theme sidebar widgets are empty (the red box appears and suggests you add some), when in fact they are all then appearing at the bottom of the page.

    The more recent versions of Graphene have caused a lot of problems for my site and yet this is the first I read about such problems,

    Surely, as I have been reading a child theme is designed to build on the theme not change it without any additions being made?


    Syahir Hakim


    WordPress treats a child theme as a separate theme, and hence it resets the header and menu settings for the site when you switch the theme. If you switch back to the original Graphene theme, you’ll see that those settings are restored.

    It’s just the way WordPress works. You’ll need to upload (or select) the header images again.



    Thanks for the reply Syahir.

    What accounts for the widgets not appearing in the sidebar and in different locations around the footer? Surely this makes no sense?


    Syahir Hakim


    Did you check the widgets in WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets? What files are there in your child theme? Also, seems like you’ve deactivated the child theme in your site. Reactivate it so that we can take a look.



    Ah you are right… this was not the case at first as I had checked there. I deactivated some plugins though and this must have caused them to have moved to the footer area.

    I had copied the source code to share, but now I have move the widgets back to the sidebar the site is back to normal.

    I find it interesting how much havoc and random glitches theme updates combined with plugins can cause.

    I am building a mirror site now so that I can test everything before I make changes now, as Kennith Odle does.

    Thanks for the suggestions Syahir



    I am building a mirror site now so that I can test everything before I make changes now, as Kennith Odle does.

    You learn fast… young padawan 😉

    It’s because you have multiple developers working on all kinds of stuff… using “standards” set by WP. I’m sure if Syahir wrote the code for WP, plus his theme, plus every plugin available… it would all work flawlessly (although Syahir might not last that long… lol).

    Here is another scenario….

    You have this fantastic plugin that worked great in WP version 3.4.2. Then, WP gets updated… but the plugin author has moved on. So, when you update WP… the plugin may not be able to handle the new code changes… and breaks, either itself, your theme, or your entire install.

    So yes… a test site is NEVER a bad idea 😉

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