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    Our designer used Graphene and did tons of edits before we found out the wisdom of using a child theme.

    My questions are:

    Can we transfer all edits to the child and reset the parent without losing all settings, and header etc. made in the options panel?

    Does the options panel work the same when using child?

    Any other advice on this greatly appreciated.




    Kenneth John Odle

    Can we transfer all edits to the child

    For an easy way to do this, see the post I wrote here:

    reset the parent without losing all settings, and header etc. made in the options panel?

    From any page in Graphene options, export the theme settings while still running Graphene. Then switch to your child theme and import those settings.




    One other thing.

    I changed the includes/theme-shortcodes.php file, but I can’t get it to read properly in the child. It’s still the only thing left in the parent that is changed.

    Any idea how to move this file to the child? I tried the includes folder with just the file, and the file by itself but still didn’t work.



    Kenneth John Odle


    If all you want to do is add some shortcodes to your site, you don’t need to edit theme files. You can create a child theme functions.php file and add them there.



    I had a php programmer do some work and this is where he put his shortcodes code.

    Are you saying I should be able to do a fileDiff type thing to find his code and I could put it in functions.php?


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s not quite that simple, but depending on your skill level with PHP and your willingness to try things out, yes, it can be that simple.

    See this (now ancient) thread for starters:


    Kenneth John Odle


    To be honest, a lot depends on how he wrote his code in the first place, but it should be fairly standard.



    Well it worked except that there is a template file it refers to like this:

    $template_file = get_template_directory().’/includes/gridtemplate.html’;

    but this assumes the location is in the graphene directory. I put a new full url there with the file in that new place but it doesn’t find it. So I at least still need to leave this html file in the graphene parent theme.

    Any ideas?


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