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    Syahir Hakim

    Before I create the child theme, do I upload the orginal un edited files that I downloaded from the link you gave me? If so, How ? Or do I just go and create the child theme without uploading anything

    Download the existing modified theme and keep as backup. Then delete the theme’s files on the server, and upload the new one.



    ok I went to file zilla , connected, selected all files on the right side of screen and downloaded it to my computer. (I hope this is right, and what you wanted me to do)

    SO now how do I delete the themes files on the server?? ( though file zilla ??) Just select all and click delete ? and if all I do is select all files and delete, what happens to my site?

    (and thank you so much for helping me through all of my questions )



    (Not meant as a Bump)

    I tried doing this right now but I rather be sure then just delete everything. I was talking to my hosting company and they said

    “Your developer would have to advise you on which files were which. I can tell you that anything inside of public_html would be your primary domain contents. I could tell you the URL for a certain file, etc, but I wouldn’t be able to say if a file was part of a theme or anything else about the file or website content.”

    So im lost as to what delete in File Zilla that is JUST the theme since they said not to delete all files but make sure.


    Syahir Hakim


    I would suggest that you learn some basic tutorials on FTP and also familiarise yourself with WordPress files structure. Otherwise, you can seriously mess up your blog if you continue to poke around without at least being familiar with what you’re doing.

    This would make a good read-up:



    Ok I will look at that…I just sent you an email through your contact me 🙂



    ok I read the article you sent me. I learned more but I am still confused. So I connected to File Zilla and navigated through it. Right now on my “Remote Site” I am at :


    and I see the folder for twenty eleven the default wordpress theme, and graphene. IS this where I am supposed to be at right now? then what right click delete graphene, and then drag and drop the new unedited grapheme theme I downloaded?

    and if what I said was right ( I don’t think it is) then whats the difference of me going to manageing themes on wordpress , deleteing graphene, finding it on themes and reinstalling it? I don’t think what I said was right because then all of my customizations would be deleted like all the colors I set, all of my menus etc. ??? I sent you an email last night, I hope you received it.


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you drag and drop the unaltered theme, FileZilla will ask you if you want to replace all those files.



    I honestly don’t understand. I have to many questions since I am learning. I am doing a lot of reading so I am and do want to learn, but I want this change done faster then I can understand without causing damage. I saw that Syahir Hakim on his site says he will work on your wordpress if you pay him. I sent him an email, hopefully he answers

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