Child theme not working since upgrade to 1.6

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    When moving my site to a new host recently, I also upgraded from Graphene 1.2.1 to Graphene 1.6. In the process, my child theme broke. It seems that much of the child theme’s CSS modifications are now being overwritten by the parent theme. Have Graphene elements changed class/ID names, causing my child CSS to attach its styles to non-existent elements? Is this something that happens when you skip over intermediate theme upgrades? Any other ideas why this would happen?

    The original theme (child of 1.2.1, and the way I want the site to look) can be seen at The broken theme (child of 1.6) can be seen at


    Syahir Hakim


    Wow.. 1.2.1 is such an old version.. a lot has changed since then, so it’s really no surprise that your child theme won’t work 100% with the new version.

    However, there doesn’t seem to be much discrepancies between your 1.2.1 site and 1.6 site. Point us to the exact discrepancies that you see so that we can help you get your child theme up to speed.



    Thanks for being so willing to help. I guess the main lesson here is don’t wait a year to upgrade the theme!

    I’ve already fixed a lot of things, but it would be great if you could help me identify the selectors and properties I need to adjust the following:

    (1) On the top navigation menu, I need to adjust the height of the the pale gray box highlighting the current top-level menu. It should be about 16px shorter than the dark background of the menu bar.

    (2) Need to reinstate the white border between the #nav and the featured slider.

    (3) Need to adjust the size and position of the pale blue background behind the featured slider.

    (4) Need to remove the search box that’s floating along the right side about halfway down (should be next to question #8 of the interview on the homepage).

    (5) Need to make footer menu the same colors as the header menu.

    (6) Need to change the height of the black footer at the bottom and adjust the size and position of the text in it.

    I’m sure I’ll find more mismatches, but six identifications is as much as I can justify asking you to help with.

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