Child theme does not look like the parent without modifications

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    Hi everybody!

    I ve installed the graphene theme and made a child theme but when I active the child theme it does not look like the parent theme, and this before I start any changes, is that normal? or I m missing something, I m a begginer :)so if there any help, Please!



    Hi Wail,

    When you activate the child theme, you will lose any custom header or backgrounds you have created.

    Otherwise, everything else should function normally.

    What is your site URL?



    I work just in localhost, I ask if the previews of both themes are the same or not?

    Excuse me if it s confused but I m a begginer. 🙂



    Yes, the previews of each theme should be roughly identical. (Assuming you’ve made no custom modifications to your original theme).



    Ok! so I did a mistake somewhere but I don t know where? the previous of my child theme does not look like the parent. Here is operations that I made:

    – In wpcontent directory I made a directory graphene child

    – In notepad i ve wrote the template name and the url. And I made it as a css style file.

    – In wp admin I see Child graphene.

    * but when I put activate, the previous is just sentences whithout steelsheets!! I don t know what to do? I tryied with others themes the problem is the same.



    The directory you made should NOT include any spaces. Make it like this:


    And this directory should be placed in the wp-content/plugins directory.



    wow!!!! one space charachter can do that? Thanks a lot Josh!!! really!! it works!! Thanks guys for everything. but I put it not in plugins, in themes :).



    So sorry. You are correct. It goes in wp-content/themes.

    (Can’t edit my post above).

    Thanks for pointing that out. It was late last night when I responded 🙂



    🙂 I understand, thanks again.


    Kenneth John Odle


    wow!!!! one space charachter can do that?

    Yes, one character can make all the difference. People are often amazed by this fact, but computers are, in fact, that nit-picky. I have sometimes gone down blind alleys looking for something I missed when all I did was miss a shift key and type “]” instead of “}”. It can drive you nuts looking for these kinds of errors.

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