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    Kenneth John Odle


    my top navigation menu gets wacky and shows a bunch of links that aren’t normally there

    I think you want

    Graphene Options >> General Options >> Top Bar Options

    Tick the box marked “Hide feed icon” and make sure the “Twitter” and “Facebook” boxes are empty.

    background also reverts back to the original graphene background. Is there a way to make these settings automatically transfer over to the child theme?

    Your background looks fine to me. The background is actually a WP issue more than a theme issue.



    Here’s an update to my issue in case anyone needs this information in the future:

    The problem with the child theme not applying any styling was due to CloudFlare’s CSS Minify feature. Once I turned it off the child theme started working (mostly) properly; however, I had to solve three other issues:

    1. I lost my custom navigation menus and they were replaced with random pages from the site. Upon going to Appearance>Menus in my WP Admin, I found that they were still there but just had to be reapplied to their “Theme Locations.” Once I hit save, problem solved.

    2. The background had reverted back to Graphene’s default, so I had to reapply that as well.

    3 The header image reverted back to graphene’s default and reinstated the text that I had orignally hidden. I simply re-uploaded the my header and turned of the text and the site was back to normal.

    I haven’t found any other problems, and hopefully I don’t, but I will list them here if I do.



    It is normal behavior (when activating a child theme) to lose any customizations to the following.

    1. Header Image

    2. Page Background Image

    3. Custom Menus

    If you have made customizations to any of these, prior to child theme activation, you will need to make the customizations again after activation of the child theme.


    Kenneth John Odle


    And, just for future reference, those are all things that are handled (mostly) by WordPress itself, not the theme.

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