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    I had my site all set and then started messing around with the footer, so I activated a child theme and an action hook and then realized the background image was gone and the default header was back. No big deal. I re-uploaded the background image and changed the header.

    Then I saw that the sample page and default home page were back. I deleted the sample page and I already have a home page called Headquarters instead of Home. Now, instead of being first in nav pane, Headquarters is the last in horizontal nav. It is fine in the menus screen so there is no way for me to do anything to it. I don’t see a Home page anywhere to delete. The default Home page now looks like the old Headquarters and the Headquarters page is blank.

    I need the Home page to go away, the Headquarters page to be first in the nav pane and for it to have the home page text and blog posts on it. I had it all set up and now just don’t know what went wrong, but it only happened after I made the child theme.



    Never mind. So stupid. I forgot to tell my new child theme site to use the Main Menu as the header menu and so it was, I don’t know, doing it’s own thing. But it’s ok now. Thanks.

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