Child Theme Crash after Implementing Amazon A Store : problem here or on the server ?

  • Etienne Travails



    On my website zaBuza Editions I tweaked the original theme to change small things, it was working smoothly until I implemented Amazon A Store (and maybe I did some plugins Updates, can’t remember which one).

    So I tested the site after implementing the iFrame built-in store, it was good. The eShop plugin was also working fine. Frankly happy !

    But 2 days later, I have the current result : no more frame, menu, it is like a Word Document Page without formatting 🙂

    All is messed up 🙁

    My question is : does it come from the Amazone A Store or the server or my child theme ?

    When I preview with the original Graphene Theme it seems to work well.

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