Character encoding issue when posting on Facebook wall

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    Dear Syahir,

    Maybe it’s not a problem with your amazing theme but you, as an expert, might be able to help me.

    Problem description:

    When I click “Like” on one of my posts, it seems very strange on my Facebook wall. (with full of special characters like ‘?’ or ‘©’ and so on) The same thing happens when I directly share a link of my post on FB wall.

    I’d looked for the solution through the web and I did everything suggested like converting my theme’s php files to UTF8 (without BOM) with Notepad++, used “Convert WP Database to UTF-8” plugin to convert my DB tables, and run “UTF8 Sanitize” plugin without any success.

    Do you have any idea what else I should try to resolve this annoying issue?

    Thank you in advance for any idea you have.

    Best regards,



    Kenneth John Odle


    This seems like a Facebook issue, since your blog appears fine, with all the Hungarian diacritical marks intact, despite whatever changes you have made on the back end. I have been searching through the Facebook help pages and the only thing that even comes close to addressing this issue is help with smileys and emoticons. Are you able to make status updates correctly when you are logged in to FB?

    The other thing is that it might be an issue with your ISP (internet service provider). Have you tried doing this on a different computer with a different ISP?



    You’re probably right, this is not a problem with the theme or not even with wordpress but the Facebook scraper. However, I’ve found some forum entries regarding my issue but after trying almost everything the problem is still the same.

    Are you an expert in PHP or Facebook? Could you help me understand the information on this page:

    Facebook Debugger results on one of my page.



    Here is my solution. It may help if you experience similar problems:

    I used XFBML code to share my contents on FB page. For this, an Application must be created on FB first which uses OpenGraph protocol. For the application, you must provide the URL of your site.

    In my case, ‘AddLink to Facebook’ plugin told me to put my WordPress URL into the application. Well, it is not correct.

    If you have different WordPress URL and Website URL, you must provide the Website URL for the plugin to work correctly (even if the plugin itself recommends the other one).

    That’s it! 🙂

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