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    Okay, lets say You are using this plugin: CodeStyling Localization for translation.

    Remember to scan for new lines. And You have this in english:

    View page » translate (In Danish): Se side »

    » Newer posts translate (In Danish): » Nye indlæg

    You need to include all the weird signs in Your Dutch translation.

    Well “&raqou” only turns into »

    Likewise have the other codes some function in WordPress.

    (And I see “&raqou” also changes here in Forum 🙂

    Edit: Then again Google API translation tends to miss these “codes”





    I managed to work it out. There just stood “&raqou” in stead of “&raquo” 😉 Another problem out of the world 😉

    One more thing though. (I know I should post it in another thread)

    Everytime I add a image to one of my posts, there seems to appear a box around it.

    I tried to add border=0 in the html section, but it doesn’t work..



    Do You mean On this page:

    You have this code 🙂

    .entry-content img, .child-page img {
    border: 4px solid #E3E3E3;
    margin: 5px;

    Insert changes in Custom CSS or Child Theme: style.css




    EXACTLY! Amazing support thanks!

    Still learning 😉



    Still don’t know what to do…

    After i change the text into Dutch i can create an .mo file…do i have to download this and ifso where?

    Sorry for bothering you again :S



    I got it…finally 😀



    Hi Jill

    Im glad You got this part also.

    And You are free to ask anytime 🙂




    I have problem that my Graphene-child theme does not show up, and there for cannot modify the ‘view full post’ text

    And the original full Graphene theme is not activated but WordPress is, should I do edit to the WordPress theme?





    I made a copy of the all language files that were in the graphene theme language folder,

    Then put a copy into my graphene-child language folder…

    I open the ‘Codestyling Localization’ plugin, and add a new language.

    It shows the “View Full Post” in the list of variables so I update it with replacement text.

    But then I cannot ‘generate a mo-file’ because the button is not active

    Any suggestions?



    Look at catalogs rights 777 with your FTP software 🙂


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