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    Hello All,

    I must first admit to being a newbie. I am trying to change the color of the video format post header. Right now it is a pinkish color (not exactly what I was going for). I have tried changing the color in the style sheet, but I can’t seem to change it.

    Any help would be lovely! Also, any resources for getting me out of newbie stage would also be welcomed! Thanks,



    Kenneth John Odle


    any resources for getting me out of newbie stage would also be welcomed! (yes, you really want to do this–the sooner the better) (yes, you really want to do this, too)

    I’m still working on your main question, however.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Are you trying to change it to a light green color? (This is what I’m seeing in your style sheet.) What changes have you already made and how have you made them?



    I was actually have not picked out a color, I was just seeing if I could do it (so I picked light green). I have only changed the style sheet to the light green color. in the editor in wordpress.

    Also, thanks for the links! I started using firebug when I was searching around how to start manipulating my site. Pretty cool, even though I am still learning.



    Hey Jeremy,

    Did you manage changing the video post header? I too want to change to either the blue like that for the status update post or the orange for the audio post. But Cant figure how to do it?




    What’s a link to the page you are talking about? And a quick explanation of what you are trying to do.



    I am working on the following web site. Currently, I have a status update post in blue

    However, I would like to apply this color scheme or the orange color scheme for a video post format. The default color for video post is pink. I guess it uses a backgroung image. I would like to change pink color scheme for video post to orange.

    This might sound like a silly question –

    I tried installing firebug plugin and it displayed few drop down boxes on web site which I couldnt understand. And the web site is live for teachers so I cant disturb the overall user interface while I testing something.



    Here is a video I made on proper use of Firebug:

    That’s the beauty of using firebug. Not only does it help you identify important css properties; but it also allows you to “tweak” the settings from your end without affecting the website. You can play around ALL DAY with firebug and make the site look like a complete mess… but when you hit the browser refresh button, all is good again.

    Only when you manually enter changes into a css file will the adjustments take affect. So, use Firebug to find what you like. THEN go make the adjustment in your CSS file to make it LIVE on the site.

    I believe the image you are speaking about is a in a sprite file. It is called “sprite_master.png”. If you know how to use photoshop, you can open it up in there, create a layer, and adjust the colors of that specific image. Or, if you’re truly savvy, I can find the link to all the .PSD files Syahir once gave me.

    EDIT: Or you could just create a new image, and change the css to call your new image rather than the sprite file. The only drawback is the sprite file is designed to span the entire width of your post, regardless of the width of the content area. If you change this, you will be using a “fixed” image that won’t adjust to the column width.



    @Josh, thanks for the help, I’ll check that out later today. Also, I have been using firebug and it has been working wonderfully!

    @vpatel I am still working on the issue, but I think I am getting closer!

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