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    Hi, I cannot change the header image. When I try to upload the appropriate width and height jpg, I can’t get to step 2, even to crop it. When I try to upload a much smaller image, I can only get to step 2. I push ok, and I can’t continue to step 3. Is it possible I’m having problems iwth this theme because I am using WP version 3.1.1?




    Its not easy to say anything without url/link 🙂

    Header size: 960x198px ?




    sorry, the url is and yea, the original jpg i tried was 960×198, which didn’t enable me to get to step 2 of cropping. when i decreased the size dramatically i was able to move on to step 2 but no further. this size picture would have been really pixelated though. thanks for any suggestions!



    Im not sure what You mean by cropping?

    But if You save any 960x198px image to web (try .png)

    Im sure You can save the changes when You upload here:




    hey kim, still no change. by cropping i just mean, that when you upload a pic, the next step required by graphene is to “crop” the pic so it fits. i only get this option when i try to upload a pic small than 960×198. ive just tried png versions of a 960×198 and no change. ive saved the png’s for web in photoshop. should i be uploading these pics to my graphene theme through my ftp as well? i would think that doesnt matter. ive also tried that too, but nothing changed. i really feel like it has something to do with the fact that im using wp 3.1.1 ….any other suggestions?



    You remember to save settings/changes at buttom of Page in the link I send You?

    Edit: Cropping will be blurred. WP versions dosnt matter 🙂




    hey kim, actually nothing appears after i select a picture from my computer and click “upload.” it goes to a new wordpress site, and it seems like there should be something there, but its just blank after that. theres nothing. no buttons to click or anything



    I se this in Your html:

    <div id="header" style="background-image:url();">
    <h1 class="header_title" style="color:#000000;">
    <h2 class="header_desc" style="color:#000000;">my place for things both excellent and bogus</h2>

    Wrong link to "background-image:url();"

    Whats Your permalink settings?

    I Just made this post:

    Finally Will this plugin reveal something: Broken Link Checker




    my permalink setting is the default



    If You choose one of the preloaded header images & save changes, will that show?

    Have You tried this plugin: Broken Link Checker


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