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    Hey there,

    This time i tried to look everything before posting a request of help 🙂

    I installed your theme with french translation and it works great. There’s just one thing that i can’t change : the blue button in the slider with the mention “VIEW FULL POST”. I would like to translate it.

    Someone could help me on this point ?

    (i look after a picture of it in the theme but i didnt found anything)

    Thanks a lot !


    Syahir Hakim


    The “View full post” string has already been translated into French as “Voir le post en entier”. Try downloading the latest language pack here and replace the language folder in the theme’s folder with the latest language pack.



    Hi Syahir,

    I love your theme and i use it on my main site as well as on a subdomain in WP -NETWORK. My domain is in english ,subdomain is hungarian where i would like to have few text -like: continue reading, leave comment etc in hungarian, but would not like to change the admin’s language. I am afraid to activate the language pack, because the main site is in english.Is there any solution to do it?

    Also , my footer is in english at this moment on both: domain and subdomain, how could make the the hungarian appear in hungarian?I have tried to overwrite it, but then on both site was hungarian. I would really appretiate your help, Thank You, Monika



    Hi Kim,

    i have updated my profile, added my domain to it, if you would like to see the subdomain as well just add /magyar please. I have checked my dashboard, and i dont have the option in the general settings to change the language, weird. I will try now how this recomended plugin works. Thank You, i will give my feedback on it.




    I have fixed it! It was so easy after i have got the right information. I added hu_HU to the WPLANG in wp-config .php. then downloaded WP in hungarian to my laptop, and just uploaded the .mo file to the wp-content/language folder where i already had the .po file. Now i have the option to change between the languages on my wp admin without the localization plugin.Thank You.



    Hi Monika

    Well nice to hear You got it right 🙂


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