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  • Gene Belmont


    OK, I wanted to change the size of my adsense display. I found the code in the Graphene Options (appearance>graphene options in my dashboard),highlighted it and hit delete. It didn’t disappear from my blog, although it no longer shows in Graphene options. Wasn’t certain if this forum or WP forum was place to go.




    Adsense sizes are fixed. You can choose predefined sizes in your adsense account.

    If you want to put bigger ad under your posts you have to put the code of bigger add (728×90) and then style the placeholder with css.

    You have to extend the main-content to desired width first through Graphene Options/Display/Columns width options.


    You want to put ad with 728x90px. Than you have to increase the main content to at least 748px (728px add + 20px left&right margin) and if you have 400px sidebar width than you have to put full content to 1148px (748px+400px).

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