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    Hi, I’m looking for some help. On the blog/front page of my site i am using the ‘Three Column sidebar left and right’the templete which i have adjusted using CSS in a child theme. This works wonderfully with my posts and slider in middle and widgets either side. For the rest of my site i want to use the ‘Two columns, sidebar on the right’ Template to display the same widgets as my right column of my as my blog/front page.

    The problem i have is that the ‘Two columns, sidebar on the right’ template shows Sidebar1 on the right rather than Sidebar2 unlike the other template i’m using meaning it is showing the wrong widgets and is wider than i want it as i had changed the widgth of the sidebars in my CSS for my blog/front page.

    Does anyone know how i can bring up Sidebar2 instead of Sidebar1 in the ‘Two columns, sidebar on the right’ template?

    I’m not great with PHP but is there a solution using that or another work around? ‘Three Column sidebar left and right’ ‘Two columns, sidebar on the right’




    You know, I recall Syahir mentioning something about this issue; but I don’t remember enough to give you a specific answer.

    Let’s wait for his response.

    Actually, maybe this was addressed in the latest version of Graphene (released a couple of days ago). Have you updated to the latest version (1.6)?


    Syahir Hakim


    Josh, Graphene 1.6 hasn’t been released yet, but it will be (very) soon.



    Many apologies. I saw an update in my themes and assumed it was Graphene. It was another, extremely inferior theme I had first installed and never removed.

    (Out of curiosity)… will it address the issue mentioned above?


    Syahir Hakim


    In Graphene 1.6, the positioning of the sidebars will be consistent. That is, sidebar1 will always be on the right side, and sidebar2 will always be on the left side, regardless of column mode.

    Which also means:

    Two-column right sidebar => sidebar1 shown on the right

    Two-column left sidebar => sidebar2 shown on the left (used to be sidebar1 shown on the left)

    Three-column left and right sidebar => sidebar1 shown on the right, sidebar2 shown on the left

    … and so on.



    Anything i can do in the meantime as this is stopping me develop my site. I really like Graphene but if i can’t solve this i am probably going to have to look for another theme which i really don’t want to do.


    Syahir Hakim


    Patience, young Padawan! No single theme will suit all your needs. That’s what custom-developed paid-for-with-a-premium themes are for.

    But hey, the wait may not be that long:

    Or if you like, you can always grab the beta and use that until Graphene 1.6 is released:



    Thanks, i didn’t realise the update was just around the corner. Until then i’m going to give the beta a go. Thanks again, I will let you know how i find it.



    Works a treat, awesome work. The things you have added like being able to change column sizes really cuts down on the CSS i needed to do. Will post my site when its finished.

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