Changing Page Title Fonts and Widget text

  • alanrogers


    This is my second site using Graphene but I’m still very much a css novice.

    My first site was about 4 weeks ago before the latest update. Previously I was able to work out the css to change the Page Title font size and colour – and the size of the text in the widget box. But I can’t find it today.

    Thought text in the widget was

    .sidebar ul,

    .sidebar ol,

    .sidebar p {

    color: #000;

    font: normal 11px verdana; (changed from arial)

    margin: 0;


    … but it seems it’s not.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction with a litle bit more than a line number. I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks




    I’ve managed to find the code to change the fonts in my Text Widgets, but still need a point in the right direction for the other widgets (ie Pages, Posts. Links etc) and the Page Titles.

    Many thanks



    Syahir Hakim


    Have you tried using the Firebug plugin for Firefox to figure out which CSS code that needs changing?



    Hi Syahir, thanks for your response – I have been “away from my desk” for a couple of days. I have found it and added it on – will find out how to use it and take it from there.

    This is a great forum – I have looked through first and found a lot of answers in previous posts – but just not these ones.

    Thanks again



    Hi Syahir, I downloaded Firebug, watched a bit of YouTube have figured out how to change most of the code. But couldn’t work out why the text COLOR in the Pages, Posts and Links Widgets, etc isn’t changing from blue to black?

    Css code which showed up in Firebug (which I changed) was

    .sidebar ul li {

    border-bottom: 1px solid #E3E3E3;

    line-height: 15px;

    padding: 6px 0;


    .sidebar, .sidebar p, .sidebar li {

    color: #000000;

    font-family: verdana;

    font-size: 14px;


    Text Widget text HAS changed to black, but text colour is still blue for these other widget areas.

    Also I really want to set different text sizes and fonts for these two different widget areas – how can I do this – they show as the same when I highlight them with Firebug??

    Many thanks


    Syahir Hakim


    They’re showing as the same when highlighted using Firebug because they share the same CSS codes! To change them individually, simply add another set of CSS codes that target only the particular element you want to change, but not the other.

    As for the links colour, make sure you’re editing the link colour instead of the text colour itself.

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