Changing my site overall width from 960px to bigger?

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    Sorry for what might be a noob question, but I was wondering what parameters I have to change in order to make my website wider like in the sample photo for the Graphene sample photo in in the theme locator? Thank you for the continued help!



    Well, this is the default value for the page container:

    #container {
    width: 960px;

    You can add the above code into the custom CSS, and change the width to whatever you like. However, you will also need to make a few other adjustments to get everything to “flow” properly after adjusting your container width.



    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for the prompt response. Do you have an idea of what other adjustments I would need to play with once I stretch the container? I just want to get an idea of time I have to set aside to get this done. Thanks!



    Well, using firebug on your site, after making the adjustment above, I see a few things:

    1. Your header will need to be redone with the new width dimensions.

    2. Your body content will need to be adjusted.

    a. Your sidebar will need to me moved:

    .two-columns #content-main {
    width: 875px;

    b. And your body content will need to be adjusted:

    .two-columns .post {
    width: 790px;

    This sizes are assuming you change the first code I gave you to width: 1060px;

    You might have to play around with the values a little to get it just right.


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