Changing font in 'Post Editor' in Child Theme

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    Hi all

    Read the few threads that mention changing the font in the Post Editor, but none seem to answer my query satisfactorily.

    Is it possible to change the font in the Post Editor, while using a Child Theme?

    I can’t see any Graphene Option to modify this and I have no clue what Custom CSS I would need to add (or if that would even work)

    Any help or advice welcomed




    Syahir Hakim


    This would be a little bit more involved to achieve. What do you actually want to achieve, to be able to change the font of certain blocks of text in the post editor, or changing the default font for the text in the post editor? If it’s the earlier, a number of plugins can add this feature for you.



    I was just looking to get a more easily visible font in the editor screen. Everything else in WordPress is now Open Sans but the editor is still 12pt Arial 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    Create a file in your child theme and name it editor-style.css. Then, add this code into that file:

    body {
    font: normal 13px/20px "Open Sans", sans-serif;



    Yep, that’s got it!

    thanks very much 🙂

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