Changing Font and Color of Post and Page Titles

  • lynnruby


    Love love love this theme. I’ve searching for one with this much capability and self-intuitiveness and this is it!

    Question: There must be an easy way to change the font style and color of the page and post titles but I cannot figure it out.

    Must be a custom CSS thing. Please help. Thanks.


    Kenneth John Odle



    Try adding:

    .post-title a,
    .post-title a:visited,
    .entry-title a,
    .entry-title a:visited {style info here;}

    to your custom CSS



    Worked! Thank you!

    Followup question: I want to do the same thing for the titles of the posts in the slider? what is the code for that? Similar I’m sure.



    Kenneth John Odle



    .slider_post_title {style stuff here;}

    I figured that out using Firebug, but I’ve never changed slider post titles, so no guarantees.

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