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    I use Google Calendars on my site with the Stout Google Plug-in. The plug-in is not compatible with IE9. The calendar only shows 30 days worth of events. It works fine in Chrome and IE8. Is there any code that I can place in the Custom CSS to have the entire site emulate IE8?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Not that I’m aware of, no. Most people don’t want to emulate IE, since it does things so differently than real ahem… other browsers.

    Since this plugin works fine with an older version of IE, however, you might want to check if there is an update available for it.

    When you say “only shows 30 days worth of events” do you mean that that is all it will show, or that you have to click something in order to go beyond the current 30 days?



    It is a problem with the plug-in. It will only show 30 days worth of events. Even when you click on the next month or find events, it acts like nothing is there. The makers of the plug-in know about the issue, but right now they are involved in a merger or something. I was just hoping there was something I could do within the theme to make it work until they fix it. Unfortunately, my school computers use IE so it is an issue for us that this isn’t working.

    Thanks for your help!



    Is the plugin on the wordpress repository? What is the url to the plugin download page?

    You say the plugin is incompatible with IE9. How so? Does it display at all? Is the formating incorrect? Does it give any kind of error?



    It is in the WordPress repository.

    The calendar displays, but it will only show 30 days worth of events. So, it will show from today through January 16. Tomorrow it will show from December 17 through January 17. It doesn’t give an error message, and all formatting is correct except for that. It works fine in other browsers and IE8.

    Thank you!



    Okay. Forgive me, but I still don’t quite follow. I don’t have access to windows 7 or IE9, so it’s hard for me to troubleshoot.

    So, the plugin works as expected EXCEPT for in IE9?? And the only problem is that it will only display up to a month’s worth of events (only using IE9)?




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