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    I am trying to change the colors in the submenu of my blog. I do not have access to the server so I cannot change the sprite png. I have to add the information in the Custom CSS area. I was able to change the color of the main Navigation bar by adding in the code that I found on one of the support pages. I can’t figure out how to change the colors of the submenu items. I am a novice at CSS so any help would be appreciated.

    The site is

    Thank you!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I just spent a lot of time working this out on one of my blogs.

    You can view it here:

    and peek at my CSS file here:

    If you compare what I did to the original stylesheet, it should give you an idea of what you need to change. (My code isn’t perfect, but it does the trick.)

    If you look at the original style sheet, the navigation menu is fairly well commented, so that you can figure out what’s what. If you don’t have server access and can’t see it, you can get a peek at the latest stylesheet here. Play around and let us know if you have any troubles.




    Thank you!!! I used the latest stylesheet and pasted the code for the secondary menus into the Custom CSS box. I fixed all of the colors, and it works 🙂

    Thank you for your help!!!!!



    Looks GREAT Ken! Very impressive! I do love the “rustic page” look you have achieved.


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