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    Love this theme, been using the forum for a bunch of customization but I can’t seem to find the code or find out how to change the colors of the nav menu (default is black). If you could point to the code where to change this in the style.css – Id be very grateful.

    Also, what would I need to do to turn off the pop up info balloon that comes up when you scroll over some links???

    Thanks again


    Syahir Hakim


    The popup info balloon (known as tooltip, FYI), is a standard feature of the HTML language. You can’t turn off that. What you can do though is to remove the title attribute of the links.

    As for the colours of the nav menu, they’re actually an image located in the sprite_h.png file. If you wanna change that, you’d either have to create a new image, or use a solid colour instead. You can use the Firebug plugin for Firefox to figure which part of the CSS code to change.

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