Changing a Subpage Image Thumbnail that is different from the featured image

  • etherealmist


    So I’m sure the title is probably confusing, but what I want is basically use a featured image, and also use a different image for the PAGE thumbnail.

    Basically, if you go here:

    you will note down at the bottom there is an image that says Contest Entry

    However, if i change the featured image, it will change that image, i already tried using the Slider options to do it, however its a page and it still defaults to use the featured image.

    I want that image on the page to be that Contest Entry, but I want to also use the featured image feature to change the header image at the same time.

    I hope what I’m trying to do makes sense?



    any ideas?


    Syahir Hakim


    Sorry, no way to currently do this. The theme always give preference to featured image first, and then to the other images in the post.

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