Changed Sprite Images and Css, but not showing on website

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    Hi Syahir,

    Thanks for the great theme. Last night I used photoshop to change my theme. Mainly the colors of the top, footer, & nav. I created a child theme and added the new style.css to the child theme. I also made sure to change the sprite images (to sprite_h2.png and sprite_v2.png). I uploaded the new images to the child theme images folder.

    Last night I was successful at changing the sprite_h2.png image on my website. I could see the difference in colors. Today I attempted to do the same to the sprite_v2.png but it is not working. I tried the sprite_h2.png also just to see if that would change. Now none of it is changed.

    Do you know what the problem could be? Website is



    I figured it out. In the child theme, there was * in front of the background img. I deleted that and it took care of it.

    I have a question however!

    If I wanted to create a textured bg for these images, instead of a gradient effect. Would I have to code the style sheet differently??


    Syahir Hakim


    not quite sure I get what you mean…you can practically use any images as the background. If you want to tile the images you can use the repeat property on the background image in the css



    Okay let’s say I want the nav bar to look like a piece of crumpled paper. How would I get that image to show on the website, instead of the tiny sprite image that repeats itself horizontally?


    Syahir Hakim


    Yes, you can do that. Just because I use sprite images for most of the backgrounds doesn’t mean that you should too. In fact, it’s much easier to not use individual images instead of sprite images for background, especially if you want to customise certain element’s background.

    But of course, using sprite image has its performance advantage. But using individual images for just one or two background shouldn’t give much of a difference.

    Soulmate Searcher


    I have a question, I’ve changed the sprite images but the Submit Comment button only shows the new image when you hover over it, not permanently.

    Really loving your work and it seems so easy to make changes.


    Soulmate Searcher


    Ok, having a mini meltdown…Had it all sorted apart from it wasnt taking my new sprite images and also there were some buttons that were blue until you hover over. Side headings were working fine and all the great formating etc for the style. Now I have been trying to work out the buttons not working, I have made a random small change (i don’t know what) and now the child style doesnt work properly. It is fine when I convert back to Graphene so I know it is something wrong with my child css.

    Also I have uploaded an image that is the right size for the header but it has been put in the media section and not uploaded as a header even though I have added it using the header page. I assume this might be something to do with WordPress rather than the child css but not sure.

    Please can you help me work out what I have done wrong and how to fix my original problems…Much Thanks x



    Mini meltdown.. 🙂

    It looks like Your Child Theme: style.css inserted groups missing this

    sign } between & ending.

    How does it look when You change from Child Theme to Parent Theme?


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