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    I searched for this issue, but couldn’t find others having asked the same question. I can’t believe I’m the first to ask this, cause it’s a question many people could have. Probably the solution is obvious and im too tired to see it.

    How can I change the order of the sites in the menu beneath the header?

    It shows the sites in the way that the latest site left and I want it in another order. Maybe I don’t want this line to appear at all or maybe I want to have other links in it than the latest sides. Is there a way to chose what this line should show? (it’s only a test site)

    Now the line I mean shows “Projekte” and “Startseite”.

    Sorry for that question, I wouldn’t ask if I had found a solution. Just find it strange that there seems to be no option for this.





    You can sort any menu item here:




    Thanks kim

    very embarrassing… this is the way im learning.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This post might help. See the last entry.

    Good luck!


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