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    I’ve poked around for a while looking for how to change the

    (default White on Black) Text/Background colour of the

    “Current-Selection-Cell” of the Menu Bar

    I haven’t found any sites that have changed it from the default,

    and forays with Firebug have not yielded any useful information.

    On the site, the general hues are

    blue, and the black, both on the “Menus” (not sure if that’s the right lingo)

    and on the very bottom feels off-balance/out-of-place.

    Any help/ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks



    I haven’t found any sites that have changed it from the default,








    I was wondering about trying this as well. Some nifty if very colourful examples posted above, thanks.

    However, I have poked around in the theme and made changes but nothing I do seems to show up on the screen. I’m changing the css style in a child theme.

    Would something be overriding that?



    ..Would something be overriding that? ..

    If you think so, add !important after each declaration.


    #header-menu li {
    background: #123456 !important;



    Thanks Prasanna,

    I’m going to try editing the main style.css instead of the child style. I find it’s about 50/50 whether changes to the child theme show up so I’ll try that and post the result.



    Never edit parent theme core files. You’ll lose your modifications on theme update. That’s why the child theme comes in.

    If any custom css code doesn’t work in child theme style sheet, try adding that in Graphene Options –> Display –> Custom CSS.

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