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    Kenneth John Odle


    Dangit!! I want Josh’s knowledge on how to post a pic here!!



    lmmfao… <— (and I hardly use these anymore)

    I first upload it onto my server into a folder I use for instances such as these.

    Then just use the image source tag to insert.

    <img src="">


    Kenneth John Odle


    Thanks, Josh! I was over-confusing myself on this one, and GWNBMF (Google was not being my friend!) I just did a “view image” in Twitpic and pasted the direct link in. It worked!

    (and I hardly use these anymore)

    I guess I’ll have to start doing it all the time, then.


    Thanks for bringing this up. If you get it to work, go ahead and mark the topic “Resolved”.

    Thanks again, Syahir. I have been wondering about this for ages!



    Hey, I like that method too! Good to know. And I’ll certainly add the acronym to my book… right below IEHNBMF (Internet Explorer has NEVER been my friend).



    Ken… where did your image go?


    Kenneth John Odle


    idk — it’s still there on my end



    YES!!! Thank you Syahir! That worked perfectly!

    I would love a tricks list of things like this 🙂 This is great to know how to do.

    Thank you all!

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