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  • 007me



    I would love to have an option to be able to change the text background color within a post.

    Not the whole text, but, for example, a sentence or few words.

    Can’t find how to do it right now.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This would probably be complicated to include as a theme feature. However, with some basic HTML and CSS knowledge, this is easy to achieve in the HTML editor.

    <span style="background: #eee;">Your sentence here.</span>

    will produce a sentence with a light grey background.

    If you prefer to use the visual editor, you can use a child theme to create shortcodes to do this, or use one of the many plugins that will create shortcodes for you.



    I think Ultimate TinyMCE has the option to change text background colour –



    Thanks Kenneth and Prasanna, I will check both options.

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